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Climate Change

Humanity is facing a global crisis of unprecedented Climate Change and this is reflected in the current record breaking weather events in 2019. This family of Polar Bears struggling to survive on what should be solid sea ice serves to highlight the problems we will all soon face if we dont wake up and change our system. 


Event 1

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Anyang visit to agree Global Iching Center in April 2017 

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Event 3

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Planting of 2000 tree forest with Dr Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots

Event 2

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Visit to Beijing Center For Future Civilisation in June 2019

What's New

Meeting with William Lindsay, steward for The Great Wall

June 2, 2019


Meeting with Dr. Ravi Chaudhry, expert-the "Nobel Prize for Sustainability"

May 16, 2019


Meeting AnYang Government to discuss the vision of the Global IChing Centre 

April 7, 2019


Blueskye Team meet with Mckinsey Consultant Gordon Zhang to discuss collaboration on sustainability projects.

March 14 , 2019


Blueskye team meet with Professor Roger Ames and Professor Tian from Beijing University

March 6, 2019


More News


Video Blog

Blueskye Founder Cliff Hegan on the Ethiopian Tree Planting WR set on 31st July 2019


Blueskye Founder Cliff Hegan on the problem of Tundra Fires


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