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Blueskye is an organization of diverse elite members, working to foster global cooperation on environmental issues, securing sustainable outcomes, promoting global experts, developing environmental programs to generate long term survival for all and to eliminate pollution across the world.

Founded in 2014 and legally registered as an NGO in Hong Kong in 2016, BLUESKYE is governed by and accountable to its contributors that make up its global membership. 

Become Our Experts
Become Our Client

Consult our 200,000+ global sustainability experts in all fields for valuable insights and make informed decisions. 


Promote a sustainability program that encourages adoption and ownership


To promote tailored sustainability solutions to governments, businesses and organisations through new technology, planting trees and understanding harmony between humans and nature

Core Values

Holistic Solutions

Authentic - Truth Seeking

Customer Focussed


To provide the next generation a sustainable living environment 

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