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BlueSkye connects you to environmental experts to help you make faster, more accurate professional decisions.

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BlueSkye connects your organisation to environmental experts to help you make faster, more accurate professional and sustainable decisions.

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Led by environmental experts, BlueSkye conferences outline future environmental challenges and set cutting edge agendas exploring timely topics such as water crises, climate change, bio-diversity loss, technology opportunities,  etc.

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With access to one of the largest expert networks, BlueSkye offers a range of additional services such as Impact assessment, Green claims, Compliance, Green accounting, Environmental management systems, Energy efficiency, Flood risk assessment, Asbestos management, Contanimated land, Environmental engineering and Talent search for environmental experts

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Dedicated to providing diverse primary research services for our clients around the world, BlueSkye uses a variety of tools to assist organisations in understanding specific issues, crises or opportunities. From public information to expert consultations and on-the-ground surveys, our experts assist in accurately researching environmental issues and solutions for solving them.

Receive valuable insights from relevant experts in your field both over the phone and in-person. BlueSkye matches you with hand selected professionals from our global expert network for one-on-one consultations.


Live language translation services are also available upon request.

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